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Horoscope Libra Part 1 It's no surprise that the symbol for Libra is the .. Daily Horoscope Pisces Friday 25th October, Pisces 20 February - 20 March If.

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The aquatic mammal, nicknamed Hessy, had been travelling back and forth over a stretch of five miles left and right after it was first sighted near Dartford Bridge in Kent on Sunday. A number of Epstein's trustees are listed as are the two men who were appointed as the executors of his estate - Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn.

The drugs were hidden in lorries bringing vegetables and juice over from Holland and those responsible have now been arrested as part of a National Crime Agency NCA investigation. He's busy filming for the new series of America's Got Talent, but Simon Cowell squeezed in a family celebration to mark his milestone 60th birthday on Monday. The music and TV mogul headed to celeb hotspot Nobu in Malibu for a dinner with his nearest and dearest.

Simon was joined by his gorgeous girlfriend Lauren Silverman, his son Eric, five, and Lauren's son Adam, who both matched birthday boy Simon in white shirts. Doctors have dismissed calls for compulsory vaccinations for UK children as a 'knee-jerk reaction'. Instead, the Government should focus on making it easier to get jabs, they said. The mastermind behind the Chowchilla kidnappings, Frederick Woods left , is due to appear before a parole board on Tuesday morning, more than four decades after he abducted 26 school children and their bus driver seen top right before burying them alive in a California quarry.

Woods, now 67, was one of three Bay Area defendants in the case, which would later go on to become one of the most notorious and bizarre mass kidnappings in US history.

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His co-defendants, brothers Richard and James Schoenfeld, were paroled in and respectively, but Woods has been denied supervised release 18 times - most recently in November - with the panel citing him to be a troublesome inmate. Woods and the Schoenfeld brothers kidnapped the children and driver, drove them around for 11 hours and buried them alive in a submerged truck seen bottom right. Marcela Iglesias is often called 'fake' and 'plastic', but the Argentina-born, Los Angeles-based mom-of-one said she has never gone under the knife to achieve her human Barbie look.

We have campaigned for years on behalf of thousands of retirees who were forced to buy poor-paying annuities, rather than take their pension as a meaningful lump sum. After what felt like an age, I was sent out on the last patrol that evening. We crept forward, deep into Isis-held territory. The streets and buildings were riddled with IEDs, while snipers lurked in the dark windows.

Each time a patrol went out, we knew that some of our brave comrades - or all of them - would not be coming back. It is highly likely that Donald Trump's pictured inset on Monday, October 7 in Washington abandonment of the Kurds will have terrible repercussions not only in the Middle East, but on our own shores.

Pictured right: Turkish army soldiers drive towards the border with Syria near Akcakale in Sanliurfa province on October 8. Macer Gifford, left. Turkish officials have confirmed the country's air force bombed a Kurdish border crossing between northern Syria and Iraq overnight on Monday in preparation for a military assault along the border. Foreign Office Minister Andrew Murrison said Britain would 'oppose' any military incursion by its Nato ally in the wake of the widely-criticised American pull-out.

To anyone born after the Pizza Express chain became established with hundreds of restaurants on British High Streets, it will seem ridiculous that a word such as mozzarella was unfamiliar to much of the middle classes in the s. Yet most had never seen a caper or even an olive, let alone tasted one. My children ate pizza before they could talk, but for myself and my peers - there at its beginning - the influence of Pizza Express cannot be underestimated. Like Jack the Ripper, Little centre went undetected for so long because he chose his all-female victims among those least likely to be missed or mourned.

They were prostitutes, drug addicts and other troubled women on the fringes of society. Already in prison for life without parole after DNA evidence helped convict him in Los Angeles in of three murders during the s, Little could have gone to his grave with just those killings to his name, were it not for a chance encounter with a detective who had a hunch about the highly intelligent criminal - and convinced him to sketch the other women he'd killed pictured.

Emily Eccles, a high school student, smacked into a gatepost while riding near Baslow, Derbyshire, in August, leaving her jaw dangling from the rest of her head by just a sliver of skin. A researcher has discovered what he deems a new family, genus and species of invertebrate. Nickname 'mold pig', this creature has similar qualities of mites and tardigrades. Hailey Saunders, 38, was left in despair after her local council rejected her appeal for her five-year-old son to attend the same junior school as one of his older siblings.

The decision means that Hailey spends an hour and a half, twice a day, driving three of her kids to and from three different schools, one of which is in an opposite direction to the other two. On top of that, Hailey's youngest son, Indiana, is just 14 weeks old, and still wakes up crying multiple times in the night.

The threat to accessing notes is a particular worry for the elderly and those on a tight budget, who prefer to use real cash for purchases and to pay bills. Researchers tracking badgers in or near cull zones found the animals who survived went on to roam over much wider areas. The Opposition leader, who spoke at a 2,strong rally in the city on Saturday night, took aim at club owners 'who put their business interests ahead of everything else and marginalise supporters'. Great British Bake Off left viewers in hysterics tonight after the show's popular Henry Bird main was left telling Paul Hollywood to 'shut up' after receiving a handshake from the TV chef.

Plus-size model Ali Tate Cutler is working with Victoria's Secret as part of the brand's new partnership with London-based lingerie company Bluebella. Cutler announced on Instagram on Friday that she is the first size 14 model to be featured in a Victoria's Secret campaign. While she is part of the Victoria's Secret X Bluebella campaign, she was brought in by Bluebella and hasn't been officially hired to model for Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret's new collaboration is its latest attempt to revive its company, which has faced stiffed competition from brands with more inclusive marketing strategies, including Rhianna's Savage X Fenty.

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Japanese black cows such as this one attracted only half as many flies when they were painted black and white, an experiment carried out in Japan showed. There were fears Sid Wilson wouldn't get the send-off he deserved. The World War Two veteran only had one remaining family member but there was standing room only at the crematorium Tuesday.

Universities UK surveyed institutions on how they were dealing with harassment. They found that major universities including Oxford were running 'consent training' for freshers. The report says a hate incident should still be dealt with seriously at a senior level even if no law has been broken and the perpetrator offended someone by mistake.

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Ellen DeGeneres defended herself after coming under fire for sitting next to former president George W. Bush at Sunday's Dallas Cowboys football game. The comedian posted a clip from Tuesday's pre-recorded show to Twitter where she addressed the tweetstorm that came her way. In fact, I'm friends with a lot of people who don't share the same beliefs that I have,' DeGeneres said. Viewers had mixed feelings about Bush and DeGeneres sitting together, with some slamming the talk show host. The daytime talk show host explained that she and her wife Portia de Rossi were invited to the game by Charlotte Jones, daughter of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The key ingredient is lycopene, the chemical which gives tomatoes their red colour and is already thought to reduce blood pressure, according to the researchers at the University of Sheffield. A new study makes the startling claim that there is less biodiversity in our ecosystem today than there was when our human ancestors were in the process of evolving 7 million years ago. A survey found those aged under 35, younger families and those in Northern Ireland, London, Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands were more concerned about No Deal.

Pictured, a Spanish beach. The diminishing likelihood that people will go sick from work underlines official assessments that say such absences have been falling steadily over the past 25 years. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark looked every inch the belle of the ball as she arrived at Paris town hall on Tuesday evening, left. The Danish royal, 47, wore a long white dress, with frill detail on the chest and arms - accessorising it with a black belt, for the second stop of her three-day visit to the French city.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 48, sported a beige boat neck top and matching trousers as she arrived for the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support conference in Amsterdam. Researchers from the University of Texas have used aerial scans and images of land in Belize to find Mayan farmers produced methane and CO2 by expanding wetlands.

President Lenin Moreno has moved his administration from capital, Quito, alleging he is the target of a coup attempt. Government will operate from port city of Guayaquil.

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Who was mad? Who was bad? Who was sad? Who was glad? But most importantly - who cared?

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I did, a bit. At its best, this six-part conspiracy drama was tense and confusing, like a spider trying to put on crampons in the dark. The plot? Must we? It centred on the frightening spectre of police and security services faking video footage to ensure convictions. Explosive court filings filed by Vernon Unsworth detail Elon Musk's shocking attempt to gather dirt on him after he tweeted that he was a 'pedo guy' in July Housing complex CCTV in Mexico City captured the frightening moment thief placed a teenage girl in a choke hold to steal her phone. A prosecutor in central Illinois has charged a nine-year-old boy with five counts of first-degree murder two counts of arson in connection to an April fire that killed five family members.

A mother and her three-year-old son pictured sitting on the ride died at a theme park in China's Shandong province after a helium balloon ride they sat on floated up into the sky pictured , burst, and they plummeted to the ground. The inflatable was supposed to be tethered to stop them at feet but the cords snapped. Five event organisers have now been arrested by Chinese authorities. Retired English rugby player Mike Tindall, 40, shared a snap of Zara practicing her clay pigeon shooting skills, and another of the couple at a recent Land Rover charity event.

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Android users have been able to scroll their feeds using the new design for a few days, but this is the first time the feature is available on Apple's iOS, which recently introduced system-wide dark mode. The phenomenon is a rare find for marine biologists since the egg sacs are rarely found beyond the bounds of the deep sea and usually only last for several days before dissipating into the ocean.

Once created, the blobs usually sink very slow, according to National Geographic. The babies contained in the goo usually don't hatch until the mass reaches about feet. The film version of Downton Abbey showed the morally upright Earl of Grantham - portrayed by Hugh Bonneville - resplendent in the uniform of the Lord-Lieutenant of Yorkshire. This two-month-old lion cub snuck up on her mother Roberta in their enclosure at Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo, before giving the huge lioness the fright of her life. Colin Mawdsley said he suffered a broken rib after the car crossed the road in front of him and sent him flying in Sheffield.

But a band of cheeky squirrels quickly went to show him how it's done by jumping behind the lens themselves. Robert Urwin, a shipping company manager, was arrested as he arrived in the Ukraine in November over a cheque that bounced in Dubai in - that he insisted was written by someone else. Tops chefs across the UK and Ireland woke up in anticipation this week, as the prestigious Michelin guide was announced.