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Horoscope Libra Part 1 It's no surprise that the symbol for Libra is the .. Daily Horoscope Pisces Friday 25th October, Pisces 20 February - 20 March If.

There a page called E-mail Consult in my blog, you can see at the top of the blog page. I have given details in that blog. I am a share trader. Is my name numerologically correct? Alamgir D. B is But we must also see that the full name with ltd is also a good one. What other mode of pay is accepted other than PayPal.? And are you giving Business consultation as of now.?

My full name is Divpreet Kaur Aulak which comes down to no. I recently had a baby which was 10 weeks early, am on my maternity leave and to make ends meet i need 2 see some money coming in. I will be grateful if u could advice me on the number for me to be successful…. Hello Saravana, Great info. I was going through your auspicious no 9 and its charisma above. Is any reason for that? Please guide if this is right or not, and if not then which business should I go on?

Also please tell me which number should be the business name which is compatible for me. And I feel that is not good, but need guidance from your support. Hi can you check whether this name will be an auspicious name for an import export buiness company. Last one year i was lot of problems in jobs…so want to start my own business in Financial services and investment advisory. Plz guide whether this business is suitable for me or not and also the no which is best for my company name. DOB— 11 Sep Her DOB— 24 March Also number Is it good for business.

Can you also write more of other number than 3,5, 9 that is good for business. My date of birth is 9th september, Kindly let me know whats should I do to reap maximum benefit in my professional and personal life. I found your website to very useful and informative. I would like to ask you what my life will be like with the following information:.

I have kept mty company name in Exhbition industry but didnt worked Well.

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So planning to change it. Is number 63 benefial for me. Please suggesst. The proposed company name is World Class Evennts. Choosing the name of a company involves analysing ones name, birth date, and horoscope too. Three factors should be good and compatible to do a particular business. Naturally, saints pass through tortures of life forces. Any one with number 18 should expect matrydom and be strong to accept or maybe overcome later in life. Sir, this is the same person; I have 2 option for the company name……which would be best for me…..

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Please help……. Please get it rectified and check.

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Thank you for your great web site and information. You are terrific.

My Birthday and birthdate both total to 7 Given birth name which was only used the first years of my life totals an 11 both in chaldean and pythagorean. My name is spelled many different ways and with or without all names. Thus the numbers vary My business is holistic health. What numbers would be best suited for a total successful business name? Thanks again. Do you have a donation page on your site anywhere?

Witch is it,, and Witch is the right one didnt I Wanne Know,, i live in Norways, so i use pythagorean!??.. I hate to point this out, but while some of your numerology is in alignment my deep knowledge on the subject, I can not figure out how you are calculating some of your numbers.

Such as, I have run the numbers 4 times on Walt Disney and I come up with 42, not I also ran numbers on other business names given and your calculations were wrong on most of them. So, if you could please inform us as to how you are calculating these numbers, perhaps we might better understand. My name is a total of 46 with a first name of 5.

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Psychic number is 8 life number is 5. Should this be changed to name number 6? AVG is a very popular anti virus software. Please consult your advocate and CA, who can guide you of there can be any legal complications due to this. Numerology wise the number totals to 3, which is friendly to your lucky number 1.

Hence numerology wise the name is fine, but it is important to check with your advocate as well due to reason given above. Hi i am Mahesh Lalya, I born in 9 apr , can I use business name 9 and what number is best to leave in house. Every Planet can give malefic and benefic results. It is like a Its results eventually depends upon its position in the horoscope.

To know if the planet is malefic or benefic by nature you should see in your natal chart if Saturn is going to give you good or bad results. Hi my name is mayank Rawat. M born on does I have influence of Saturn and moon. What number is lucky for my buisness.

Yes you have influence of Moon as well as Saturn. However both planets are great and give you their qualities. The qualities of Saturn are commitment, sincerity, dedication while Moon represents emotions, friendliness, care, sensibility.

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For your business you should look at number 2 which is your lucky number. My dob As your date of birth is 21 which adds to number 3. The name Silver Oak also adds to number 3 and therefore will be lucky. I have some name of company. Pls suggest which one is suitable for me. I would like to do online business. Business name that I chose is Apricot Enterprise. Would it bring success to me? Hi, my name is Darshan Demble. I am planning to open a small eat out. I am born in Kolkata and settling in Mumbai. Number 3 is a friendly number to your date of birth.

Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet for wealth, so the name can be considered.

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My date of birth — I selected the name is VJR agro foods. Can i go ahead with this number? As your destiny number is 6 and the name you have chosen also adds to number 6, it is compatible. My mother and i are both planning on opening an online boutique. The name of the company sums up to 82 , 1.

Is it a good business number. We can shorten it so that the name sums up to the number 68, or 5. What would be best for the company? I think that many are interested in this number and I have a particular interest in being my name. I also believe it will enrich your site. Thanks you Dear Erivaldo for visiting Astronlogia. We surely would include your suggestion in our upcoming blogs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Next US president Romney or Obama? Her father name is Raju surname Bulla.. So v named her as samyukta Raju Bulla Is it good or v should change it I have another name as option it's "Samrudhi"..