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Horoscope Libra Part 1 It's no surprise that the symbol for Libra is the .. Daily Horoscope Pisces Friday 25th October, Pisces 20 February - 20 March If.

Normally, you obey the dictates of Chronos linear time , which is another name for Saturn, your ruling planet. But since November 8, , expansive Jupiter has been swimming through Sagittarius and your twelfth house of healing, escape and closure. The Sun is in Sagittarius and your imaginative twelfth house until December Are there problems, grudges or outworn relationship patterns that you want to leave behind in this decade?

Before you set your sights completely on the future, deal with any lingering remnants from your recent past. You can make those kinds of decisions pretty swiftly on December 12, when the Gemini full moon beams into your sixth house of wellness and organization. Ready for your coming-out party?

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All eyes will be on you—and two of them could belong to a sexy admirer. Strong attraction and potent feelings could ignite out of the blue. Have you been holding back from expressing how you feel? The Jupiter-Uranus trine brings those raw desires to the surface, and it will be impossible to hold back.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Capricorn

This is the kind of day when you spontaneously sign up for a striking makeover—the kind where you chop seven inches off your hair or dye it turquoise. And you know what? It might just work. On December 21, the Sun blazes into your sign for a month, kicking the bountiful Jupiter vibes into high gear. In fact, the Sun and Jupiter will make their once-a-year meetup on December 27, considered by some astrologers to be one of the luckiest and most confident days of the year. But right before that, something even bigger happens!

On December 26, your dreams are catapulted by a Capricorn solar new moon eclipse. And the world will see YOUR halo under these otherworldly beams as one of your projects or ideas springs into the spotlight. Talk about finishing the decade powerfully! In , an unusual number of planets powwow in YOUR sign.

Romantic matters, as well as pleasure-seeking activities, come to the fore now. You are more likely to pay closer attention to your physical appearance and mannerisms, aiming to improve and enhance your attractiveness. Lessons learned now will help you project yourself confidently to the world. You will be zeroing in on personal advancement, contentment and joy. Also what comes now has been evolving gradually and so quietly that you did not even feel it. Think of spiritual and intellectual growth, wisdom, caring and warmth in your personal relationships, as a natural development from wisdom.

Group activities and joint efforts are the best way to accomplish your goals right now. In fact, you have all sorts of ideas about what you want to do. You would want to organize projects and put things in shape. Your humanitarian inclination may be stirred. The part you play for other people in your life comes to the forefront now.

You may experience that your tasks list gets swarming with things to do usually for others. You may take actions to achieve your more personal long-term goals as well.

Overview for 12222

Getting things in order, avoiding frivolous and time wasting stuff, going through training sessions are a few possibilities. You have the ability and stamina to concentrate, to work carefully and thoroughly, and to accomplish something modest, yet of real practical value and substance now.

Makar Rashi 2019 - Capricorn Annual Horoscope in Hindi by Kaamini Khanna

Since I was a child my mum has some hatredness for me.. Today am 54years old.. Husband is dead long time ago.. Stupid I am not using drug I am sportive person and I try to have health food. For your information I will not wait for any…. To disturb or take my time. Times to move for my self for my life. Take the fear off my friend. Fear is lack of belief. Have faith.

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Its all in your mind. Hence it is important to feed your mind with hopes, desires and an unattainable thirst for love.

God bless u. No matter what you would do great. Live the life u have been given…… and enjoy people their qualities and wot attracted you to them and vice versa. Good luck. If your money is stuck somewhere then you may face some difficulties while removing them.

Keep in mind, if you do not properly manage your finances then you can have a debt burden this year. According to the horoscope for Capricorn zodiac sign, this year will be very good for the students. In studies, your hard work will be successful and you will get good results in your exams.

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Time will be favorable, so if you work hard in it, then surely it will be successful. You will respect your teachers and your concentration will continue to be in studies. To get higher education,students will not have face more difficulties. You can enroll in a good institution. If you want to go abroad for education, you will get success in it, but before taking admission, investigate about the organization thoroughly.

Capricorn Horoscope 12222 Predictions: You Will Witness Transformation

If you are a board-class student, you will get very good results this year, although you have to decisively prepare for the exam. Students who are preparing for the medical examination will need to work hard a little more, this year, the competition for medical entrance test can be very difficult. At the same time, students will also need to work hard in the engineering field, so concentrate on your studies.

Apart from studying this year, you will also develop your own talents. According to the prediction for Capricorn zodiac sign, the natives of Capricorn will have a happy family life. You will be happy in your family and will spend some great moments with your family members. The co-ordination between the family members will be visible. In May-June your mother's health may get a little weak, so take care of her health. Dad's health will be fine. If dad is employed somewhere, he is likely to get financial benefits.

You will get brothers and sisters support. You will get financial help from them. Any auspicious things can take place in the house, this will let you meet all your relatives. The blessings of the elderly members of the house will be with you and with their blessings you will be successful.

Pisces 12222 horoscope

Keep in mind, not to do any such things that can cause a glitch in your family's reputation. Respect parents and love the younger members of the house. If you want to do any good work then your family members will fully support you. At home, there can be a dispute over the matter of your siblings, but you take an initiative to resolve this dispute. You can also go somewhere for a visit with the family. Which Gem would be lucky for you? Get Gemstone Recommendations Now! Year will be very good for your marital life.

There can be an understanding seen between you and your spouse. In every situation, your spouse will stand behind you as your shield. In the beginning of the year, there is nothing much special seen in the marital life, but after March, the colors of happiness will dissolve in. You will get some benefits from your spouse. Avoid doing any such things, that can increase the distance between you'll. You will meet their needs.